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  • About McGill RSS
    McGill’s campuses: a lush greenspace at the hub of urban Montreal and the high-tech Macdonald campus in the heart of nature, provide a vibrant, dynamic and supportive home for its 34,000 students. Learn about student life in and outside the classrom and lab.

  • AstroMcGill RSS
    Visiting astrophysicists discuss their research pursuits and address general topics in this series presented by the astrophysics public outreach committee. These talks are presented at a level accessible to all—no technical jargon needed.

  • Beatty Memorial Lectures RSS
    For over 50 years, internationally recognized figures have delivered the most prestigious talks on McGill’s public lecture schedule. The list of Beatty lecturers past includes scientists, world leaders, philosophers, novelists, musicians, physicians, activists, historians, forecasters and educators of all kinds.

  • Classes Without Quizzes RSS
    These talks, designed for McGill parents or alumni returning for Homecoming, allow you to enjoy being a student again, without worrying about grades! Engaging lectures given by some of McGill’s most eminent academics, ranging yearly from jazz appreciation to medical breakthroughs to sustainable energy.

  • Cultural Psychiatry: A Critical Introduction RSS
    This course presents a critical introduction to theory and research in cultural psychiatry—the study of cultural influences on, and responses to, mental health problems. Topics include: an overview of the history of cultural psychiatry; conceptual problems and research methods for studying culture and context in mental health; somatization and bodily idioms of distress; dissociation of memory and identity; cultural variations in emotional experience; trauma and the social construction of diagnostic entities; culture and psychosis; the mental health of immigrants and refugees; the mental health of Indigenous peoples; systems of ritual and symbolic healing; models of mental health care for culturally diverse populations; globalization and the future of cultural psychiatry. This is a graduate level course that assumes basic knowledge of psychiatry, psychology and anthropology.

  • Cutting Edge Lectures RSS
    One of McGill’s most beautiful buildings, the Redpath Museum, is home to some of its most interesting lectures. Cutting Edge lectures see important guest speakers presenting new discoveries to McGill scientists and the public.

  • Dentistry Conversations RSS
    Dentistry Conversation series consists of interviews with interesting and outstanding members of the McGill Dentistry community.

  • En français RSS
    Profitez d’une sélection de podcasts de McGill en français.

  • Founder’s Day RSS
    Each year, Macdonald staff, students, alumni and friends celebrate the birth of its Founder, Sir William Christopher Macdonald, with a full day of activities highlighted by the Founder’s Day Lecture.

  • Freaky Fridays RSS
    Public lectures held in the historic Redpath Museum, where McGill scientists bust myths and confront popular misconceptions.

  • Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas RSS
    The Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas (IPLAI) reflects McGill’s commitment to the humanities and is dedicated to advancing humanities-based teaching and research in innovative and interdisciplinary ways.

  • Lorne Trottier Public Science Symposium RSS
    The Lorne Trottier Public Science Symposium Series, generously sponsored by the Trottier Family Foundation, is a public forum held annually at McGill to inform, inspire debeate and raise public awareness on contemporary issues confronting society today.

  • Making Headway RSS
    McGill breakthroughs from all faculties that make headlines around the world are explored in greater depth in this video series. Learn more about McGill’s greatest discoveries—and discoverers.

  • McGill Institute for the Study of Canada RSS
    Every year the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada brings together experts on an element of Canada’s identity. Free trade, Canada’s cultural ecology, and Public Policy in Crisis are some past themes. View selected lectures and panel discussions.

  • McGill Law Journal / Revue de Droit de McGill RSS
    The McGill Law Journal is the student-run scholarly legal publication affiliated with the McGill Faculty of Law. Since its inception in 1952, the Journal has become an important forum for the critical analysis, often from a comparative or transsystemic perspective, of contemporary legal issues in the realms of public and private law, as well as international law. Our podcast series acts as a complement to our traditional print scholarship and contains commentary, in the form of lectures and interviews, from various Canadian and international scholars on the latest developments and trends in the law.

  • Media@McGill RSS
    Media@McGill is a hub of research, scholarship and public outreach on issues and controversies in media, technology and culture. The members of Media@McGill are the eight communication studies faculty members within the Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University.

  • Minis RSS
    Top-of-their-field McGill professors lecture on up-and-coming topics at a level accessible to all. Lecture series in medicine, music, science, business, law, and psychology.

  • Panels & Debates RSS
    Experts local and international take on the important issues in culture, science and everything else in these McGill-hosted panels and debates.

  • Religious Studies RSS
    The Faculty of Religious Studies has enjoyed a long history at McGill University and continues to provide diverse programs for both undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Karl Moore – Talking Management RSS
    Karl Moore, a Desautels Faculty of Management professor specializing in leadership, globalization and marketing, conducts weekly chats with high-level managers and executives from around the globe. These incisive videos have garnered recognition throughout the business community.

  • Teaching and Learning RSS
    McGill supports the development and enhancement of teaching and learning, with units like Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) creating adaptable and innovative learning environments, while events such as the Teaching and Technology Fair stimulate discussion of cutting-edge ideas in education.

  • Unique Talks RSS
    Enjoy a selection of the dynamic public lectures and unique talks held at McGill each year, in a wide range of fields.